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Looking for real value in Commercial and Domestic Property Maintenance?


If it’s important to you to have qualified tradespeople attending to your properties promptly and working in a way that protects their safety as well as your staff and visitors to your sites, Total Maintenance Qld can help you.

Here are 6 reasons to choose Total Maintenance for your commercial property maintenance:

  • We have a contractor selection process that is fully compliant with Queenslands State regulations and laws; we carry out 'due diligence' to ensure that all contractor inductions, licences and insurance etc., are in accord with their trade’s legislation. Our entire contractor team is managed through our custom built contractor management program.
  • Time is money. Domesticorp use local contractors who live and work close to our client’s sites. Using these contractors saves time and money but even more importantly it ensures a standard of workmanship that we find is consistently high.
  • Our services are available when you need them. We provide our clients with a 24 hour 7 day service at a fair cost to our clients.
  • We take a systemized approach to managing our client’s work, with our specially designed and built "Job Tracking System", which helps us to efficiently manage a large number of works in progress at any one time.
  • Managing the work and safety from start to finish is a strong part of our client commitment. Whether it's preventive maintenance or project roll-outs, we document each relevant aspect of the work to the satisfaction of our client’s obligations to WHS.
  • We are totally focussed on safety. We understand that safety in the workplace is paramount. Our Safety Management System drives every aspect of our business, maintaining the highest standards.

Is your company looking to engage a provider for commercial property maintenance? If so, you can't go past Domesticorp. We have the qualifications, the industry experience and the systems to look after your commercial property maintenance.


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Positives of an Effective Maintenance Program



Maintenance Facts

  • Preventive Maintenance: a company can save between 12-18% using preventive maintenance over reactive maintenance
  • Facilities implementing proper HVAC maintenance will use 15-20% less energy
  • Every dollar spent on preventive maintenance will save you five dollars on other expenses
  • 80% of employees waste an average of 30 minutes per day retrieving information
  • Professionals spend 5-15% reading information but up to 50% looking for it


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